But A House Is Not A Home… ( written 2006 )

The house has a hollow, empty sound; the door slams way too loud. Since I took down all my drapes, my paintings; took away the rugs and furnishings, it looks barn-like, drab gray and institutional.

Hard to believe so many family dinners were enjoyed here, sick kids recovered here, grandbabies stayed over, wounded animals tended, flowers and herbs planted and harvested, laundry hung out to dry…and now I am leaving it.

     Against my will.

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Life On The Farm and Other Revelations

Napoleon, my Poulet de Bresse rooster, is busy heralding the day, his commanding errrrrr-errrr-errrrr-errrrrruuuuuuuuuh echoing strident ricochets across my farm. The sun peeks through the not-yet-turned leaves of early Fall, a cool white blazon casting long cobalt-purple shadows dappling the emerald green landscape. There are such magnificent clouds this morning, cottony schooners languidly sailing across a china blue bay, many backlit by the brilliant morning sun, celestial and grand in their scope.


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Virginia Adds Coal To The Fire

One thing I have learned in this life: never, under any circumstances, ever read Virginia Woolf when you are upset with a man. It will only sharpen your angst, I promise you.


I have read her many times in the distant past, decided to re-visit her recently thinking it may sort of prime me out of the apparent inability to paint I am suffering with presently. I have always known literature to be a creativity lubricant.

A Society” impressed me as downright bitter, a sarcasm with brilliantly honed edges. She mimics what she hears men say women should be interested in, cites the covert objectives men set for women, mocks the masculine self-aggrandizement men seem heir to in certain circles, as though being male is a right to rule, a gender appointment to superiority instead of just a gender. ( See ?? She has ME doing it, now. )

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Christians pray about things. Pretty much all things. They will pray
before eating dinner, before going to work, before going to bed, after
they wake up, when something bad is happening, when someone is dying –
they pray a lot. They’ve even asked me to pray or told me that I should be praying.

Here’s the question – Why?

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We live in an interesting time. It is virtually a crime to offend anyone in any way because for some reason people’s’ feelings in this new millennium are extremely fragile and everyone is offended by everything.  Someone can choose to cover their bodies with Continue reading “WHY IS “SLUT SHAMING” BAD?”

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We here at World Wide Wacko consider ourselves to be pretty popular. In being popular, we make friends. We have made two friends in particular that  share our extremely “unique” perception of this crazy world we call home. They are based out of Jacksonville , Florida and we promise their podcasts are extremely entertaining.


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There are over seven billion people on Earth.  Why are people still having kids? Reproducing children is not taken nearly as seriously as it should be  in this world. People treat the idea of having a kid like they’re going to get a pet turtle. Continue reading “FIVE REASONS WHY HAVING KIDS IS INSANE”

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