Christians pray about things. Pretty much all things. They will pray
before eating dinner, before going to work, before going to bed, after
they wake up, when something bad is happening, when someone is dying –
they pray a lot. They’ve even asked me to pray or told me that I should be praying.

Here’s the question – Why?


Why do you pray? Aren’t Christians the first ones to tell you that God’s will shall be done? That he has a plan? Are we to believe a dying person only dies because no one prayed for them to survive? What about
the dying people who WERE prayed for and STILL died? God wanted them
in heaven, right? What about the dying people who were prayed for and
survived? It’s because you prayed right? Well why did god want one of
them in heaven and not the other? Why does god want anyone in heaven before their time? Everyone dies. Even if the whole world prayed every day, people would still die every day. If prayer kept people alive, we’d have a lot of 300 – 400 year old people walking around.

I know a very Christian woman who plays the lottery every week. I told
her she should just pray for the winning numbers. She informed me that
prayer doesn’t work that way. I said well aren’t you a little
aggravated that you haven’t won yet? She told me if she hasn’t won
it’s because God doesn’t want her to. I said then why do you keep
playing? “Because God might want me to win one day”. Oh, I get it.

Wait, I don’t get it.

Are we to believe that you can change God’s mind by asking him not to
do something he was planning on doing? Wouldn’t this suggest God
doesn’t really have a plan? Also, if you are asking God to not do
something you think he is about to do, isn’t that a question of his
judgement? If you truly believe “the lord works in mysterious ways”,
then why would you ask him to change his actions in any way?

Prayer accomplishes absolutely nothing but this does not in any way
deter Christians from praying. If the thing they prayed for doesn’t
happen, they can simply say God didn’t want that thing to happen. If
it does, they can say it’s because they prayed and God listened. Best
of both worlds.

I think praying is just something people do because it makes them feel better. I think they know it doesn’t actually help. And that’s OK. Just stop trying to convince us that we should be praying, too.

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1 thought on “WHY DO CHRISTIANS PRAY?”

  1. “The Lord works in mysterious ways” is a very nice song in the hymnal, but that’s not in the bible. Nice try, though.

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