JR – I took care of that “Russia Thing” Dad. __ SR – Thank you son. You’re a “high quality person”

TRUMP: Russia did not interfere…

CIA: Yes it did

FBI: Yes it did

NSA: Yes it did

TRUMP JR: Yes it did (and here’s my proof)

Tweet #1

and then followed it up with …

Tweet #2

I feel like I should write Don JR and say “Thank You – You blithering idiot, THANK YOU”.

In one fell swoop, The moron progeny has managed to provide EVIDENCE of this administration’s pre-election collusion with The RUSSIAN government, PROVING a plot to sway voters away from the Clinton campaign. I feel like I should be shocked, but this truly is “par for the course” with this “presidency”. Don’t let the double talk from the Trump administration blind you, once it’s proven, it is TREASON! And the collusion could lead to an overturned election (please, please, please, please, please).

Potential FBI director Christopher Wray is gonna have his damn hands full once he takes office.

Bottom line, this is PURELY an attempt of this administration to get ahead of any indictment/impeachment of President Trump with regard to the alleged collusion. Trump’s lawyer is trying to tap dance around this but IT IS IN FACT A VIOLATION OF THE LAW AND TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR! They are desperate to make this seem like a small, innocent and insignificant thing but it’s NOT. This is a frantic attempt to control the optics. It ain’t gonna work this time … Y’all fucked up!

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