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LEGACIES AND LADIES               by Verity Scrive


So everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout the G20 and how badly Fried Orange Cheeto represented ‘Murica. Plenty is being said about that, his being a stank ho’ disgrace, selling America out to Puttie & Pals to help whittle down his payday advance via Deutschebank vis a vis Russian money-laundering.

Actually, Donny Boy is carrying the detergent end of that sudsy deal. (Can you say “RICO ACT”, boys & girls ?)

No, enough’s being written on that at this moment and History will pat our heads for our earnest & vigilant efforts.

I want to talk about Melania, aka First Hoochie Mamma. I’m loving seeing all the uber-white ladies in Missouri, Georgia, Florida and other scarlet-red nether regions talkin’ ‘bout “Oh it’s SO refreshing to see a classy, elegant First Lady again !”

Let me help you unpack that.

“Refreshing” is BigotSpeak for “Thank God she’s White”. “Classy & Elegant” is BigotSpeak for “Thank God she’s white!”. “Again” is a not-at-all-subtle dog whistle swipe at Harvard & Princeton-educated Attorney Michelle Obama.

There. Don’t you feel better now , now that it’s all Racist-S’plained ?

My take on all this “Refreshing!” is straightforward: If you as a woman, would not allow or want your children, family, friends & co-workers to see in-your-face photos of your oiled,shaved vagina and breasts roiling around nekked with another woman, but you fawn over Melania, that makes you a fucking mealy-mouthed, card-carrying insubstantial puke of a hypocrite of the First Order. Better hope your Karma doesn’t run as fast as you do, Sister. For men who’re Melania Apologists and drool over her, same parameter applies to you: if you wouldn’t want YOUR wife/sister/mother/daughter seen in these type pix, then sit down and STFU.

My advice is to just come on out with it & say the truth, that you’re grateful to have a white woman in the White House . <–That was built by slaves, BTW, in case you’ve forgotten or erased that from your modest memory bank.  You’ll feel freer once you ‘fess up, I promise. And as a Party Bonus, your President will be so pleased you support his belief system. Why, it’s practically pseudo-patriotic these days to be a rabid hater of all pigmented persons~ ! You’ll be soooooo trendy. Maybe you can get a confederate flag tattoo to cement your devotion to David Duke.

It’s astonishing & more than a lil bit laugh-out-loud-ish that the rigidly conservative “Christian Right” was so staunchly indignant over Michelle Obama’s (gasp!) bare arms but clearly their views are elastic enough to allow unconditional support of Melania’s porn photos. To summarize: no Black skin allowed to show, but porno pink-parts-blazing white skin: Okay ! Jesus would be SO proud, right ?

On the opposing side of the wooden nickel, Melania has been the recipient of considerable undeserved pity. Women be like, “Poor Melania! Can you imagine what she’s LIVING with ?!” Verity has seen women of ALL persuasions saying this.

Cut the shit. Immediately. She’s a millionairess in her own right. She can leave whenever she wants to. She’s alleged to have her a cutie-patootie side piece for many years now at Trump Towers; he heads up Security there. He kinda phine, too, all butch and whatnot.

Melania’s  (alleged) Boy Toy

That restores a planck-length shred of faith in her, if I ever had any at all. Thinking that she sleeps with that fat orange fuck turns my stomach, even though I have nearly invisible, super-microscopic empathy for her.

She undoubtedly signed an iron-clad NDA & pre-nup when she married The Talking Cheeto. He forces all his rape victims ( er, wives) to sign them and settles a few $mill on ‘em afterwards. Hush Money, Babe. It’s all about the amount of Hush Money Wifey earns. To not write that NYT’s Best-Seller about him .

He is never seen doing anything with his poor son, whose name, out of fairness to an innocent child, I refuse to mention. For that matter, neither is she. She may be a good Mother, many alley cats are. I’d say that kid’s odds of growing up NOT to be like his paterfamilias or siblings is pretty much zilch. Leave it at she’s no Michelle Obama, whose maternal love and devotion was evident to even her most virulent detractors.

Which brings me to a critical point: that child appears to be troubled. In a medical kind of way. What effect will seeing those raw photos of his Mother have on him down the road ? Count on that happening; it’s inevitable. Some cruel smarty-pants schoolmate will show him, make sure he sees them. What then ?

And do you really believe that practically every world leader on the planet hasn’t ogled those photos out of morbid curiosity, further exacerbating the shame of our nation ?

Is she still “refreshing” then ? “Elegant & classy” while Kim Jong-Un or Duterte or Assad beats the monkey to her photos ??? ‘Cause that’s what we really need in a POTUS’s wife, right ? Her Masturbation Quotient has to be in the stratosphere; I mean, didn’t all our history books teach us that about America’s First Ladies ? ( said no textbook ever ).

Here’s a quarter, BUY a fucking clue, America: Beautiful is not an excuse for shitty life choices, nor does being beautiful ameliorate them. Another breaking newsflash for you: Being white, an accident of merely having born, is NOT a virtue. Oh–and by definition, Melania’s no Lady. Will never be, isn’t possible. Calling her “First Lady” is the ludicrous & egregious equivalent to calling a her husband a statesman.

Verity has always revered our First Ladies oblivious to party politics. Jackie Kennedy’s inimitable grace, accomplishment & style; Nancy Reagan’s sense of duty & dedication; Bess Truman’s devotion to restoring the White House to safeguard it from demolition; Eleanor Roosevelt’s commitment to political & social justice; Dolley Madison saving George Washington’s portrait from British flames ; Martha Jefferson’s not killing Thomas in his sleep* over that whole Sally Hemings mess, you get the drift. These women are inextricably sewn into the precious fabric of American history , are part of our extraordinary national legacy.

Martha Jefferson
Bess Truman
Eleanor Roosevelt
Jacqueline Kennedy


Nancy Reagan
Michelle Obama



What possible legacy can a nudie-cutie bish (filled with enough plastic to close down a landfill) leave our country ?

Only that our magnificent and glorious White House and the ghosts of decent, beloved, respected First Ladies who may frequent those hallowed halls will no longer be troubled by her trashy shadow & soiled stiletto footfall when she finally leaves it.

First Hoochie Mamma



These strong opinions are strictly those of Verity Scrive and are likely in direct opposition to many others. Expressed another way: Go fuck yourself or read USA Today if you don’t like it. Nobody cares.


*Verity knows Martha Jefferson died before the Sally Hemings scandal. It’s called hyperbole, jackass.

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Author: Verity Scrive

Too old to be persuaded by what others think,true to myself first & foremost. Wildly creative and deeply political,will loathe as hard as I love. Painting & writing are as medicinal & necessary as oxygen for me. Love animals dearly, not too sure about humans yet. A devoted friend or committed foe, you choose. Happy to share my world with you but don't let it go to your head. We're only here for a minute, so I'm making the most of mine. Come along for the ride, won't you ?

1 thought on “LEGACIES & LADIES”

  1. Love this. I lived in Florida at one time, so I envision the overly tanned “Snow Birds” (no open season on them), sitting in a restaurant, sharing a meal with water to chase it down, because they are so Gah Damn cheap, applauding the First Whore just because, yes, she’s NOT BLACK.

    Nothing like having a Gangster & his Whore as one of the couples to go down in the history books related to OUR Country… I did…I just threw up a little!

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