Where do you get your news? Are you getting fact based information? Or does your news outlet have a political agenda?
The state of our current TV based news outlets is just plain sad. It is becoming more and more difficult to filter out the bullshit from actual fact.
Did you know that a HUGE portion of local news outlets are owned by ONE fucking company? That’s fuckin scary! And what’s scarier than that? Let me break it down for ya.

Sinclair Broadcast Group has set a $3.9 billion cash-and-stock agreement to acquire Tribune Media, a deal that will bring more than 200 TV stations under one roof, effectively making Sinclair one of the biggest national TV conglomerates in the country.

The breadth of the combined company is seriously fucking scary. After two decades of consolidation of TV station ownership, the combined entity would own 223 TV stations serving 108 markets. That includes 39 of the top 50. The group’s stations would reach 72% of U.S. TV households.

Let me repeat that – The group’s stations would reach 72% of U.S. TV households. That’s almost fucking twice the reach of its nearest broadcast competitors: Nextstar (39%), CBS (38%) and Fox (37%).

Currently, the FCC media ownership rules limit TV station ownership to 39% of U.S. TV households. But Sinclair is attempting to have that rule modified to their benefit.

So, why is this scary you ask? Because, this company has a VERY clear REPUBLICAN political bias. And now that bias is about to reach a staggering fucking 72% of the damn country.

If they were even HALF in touch with reality it wouldn’t be a problem, and while it’s base is starting to wake up to how full of shit this administration is, they are still so far removed from the truth that giving an outlet like this that much influence over them is just fucking insane.

Bottom line, now they have an even more POWERFUL platform with which to brainwash the base and convince them that what’s REALLY BAD for them is actually good for them.

In example: Trump lies back to fucking back DAILY and these news outlets put such a spin on it (or flat out lie about it themselves) that the people who’s viewership they have will believe damn near anything they say.

Here’s a handy chart if you have any question about your source of news. Anything outside of that center circle has a strong bias and if you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth you should probably steer away from anything outside that circle.
Get your head out of your asses and into the game people. Read real news. Please!

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